The most wanted question by our clients

What is letter of invitation or LOI?

Letter of invitation or LOI is visa support document to process your visa at the Russian consulate.

Who issue the LOI?
LOI will be issue by licensed Russian company from ministry of foreign affair and immigration of Russia.
Can I just bring my passport to Russian Embassy to make visa?
No. U need to first apply for the LOI from us and then we will assist the whole process from here. Because the Russian consulate will never issue any LOI for the public.

Do kids need visa?

New born babies and children still need visa to entry Russia. Parents should apply for them.

Which one should I do first, buy a ticket or get the visa?

You can do vice-versa.

My purpose of visit is for business but I need to fly ASAP. How?

Tourist visa is the answer. If your business trip is not longer than 30 days in Russia then you can apply for tourist visa as business trip. Most of our business executive goes to Russian under tourist visa for short trip because it’s easier and save time.

How do I register my visa in Russia?

You can register at any hotel, home-stay or apartment. If you are staying with your friends, then the house owner should register for you.

My stay in Russia is only for 3 days do I still need to register?

All tourists are allowed to stay in Russia without visa registration up to 72 hours (3 days). If your trip is inside 72 hours then you don’t need to register your visa.

How much the cost for register the visa?

Usually USD 5 only.

What are the chances of my visa being rejected?

Till today we have never have come across any cases as such. Our LOI is been using worldwide by our client and no question asked.

Can I go anywhere in Russia with this visa?

Yes. But you need to include minimum at least 1 visiting cities in Russia when ordering the LOI with us.

Do I need to carry my passport when in Russia?

Yes. Please bring your passport & the visa wherever you are going in Russia. The authorities have the right to detain you if you fail to show.

I want to cross border by land into Russia. What is your advice?

You still need to have a valid visa and passport. If you are organizing a group or team such as super bikes cross border, then you need to show your itinerary to the immigration officer.

Unlike business visa what is the advantage of tourist visa?

Tourist visa is the most command and easy to apply in a very short time. But the Business visa invitation process will take longer time and complex. One can obtain the tourist visa as quick as in 1 day.